Access Products for Children

We LOVE kids at RampNOW!

Generally, when you think about stair lifts, ramps, and vehicle lifts, children usually aren’t the first demographic that pops up in your mind. Admittedly, most people think of senior citizens or disabled adults. However, over the years we have had the honor of being in a position to work with many parents on behalf of their children. We know how sensitive situations can be and do our very best to accommodate you through every step of the process.

We take great joy in providing them with accessibility products that not only makes the lives of the parents easier, but also offers more independence and dignity for the children that are using them.

I love seeing the smile of a child having independence and freedom for the first time!

We have also teamed up with great organizations like Division of Specialized Care for Children and Department of Health Services.

Call today so we can team together with YOU to find the perfect solution for your child!