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Straight Lifts

We understand how important it is to have a dependable and reliable stair lift. Especially when it is for a loved one like a parent, spouse, or relative. That’s why we make sure to offer the best stairlifts, at affordable prices, with reliable service and warranty. When it comes to stair lifts, one size does not fit all. That’s why we offer several makes and models. Listed below is a summary of different straight stair lifts that we are proud to offer! Call today to schedule your free home consultation or simply fill out the contact form on your right and we can call you! 

Straight Stair Lifts

Handicare Simplicity

If you are looking for an economy stairlift, the Handicare Simplicity, Our TOP Seller, is the one for you. The Handicare Simplicity saves you money on your initial outlay, without any detriment to safety. The directional toggle was designed in consultation with occupational therapists, which makes the stairlift easy to use, even for users with joint problems, for example rheumatism. The seat on the Simplicity is finished in wipe clean sand-colored upholstery. For your safety, the Handicare Simplicity comes with a seat belt as standard.

sl600_topunfolded2Harmar Pinnacle

The Pinnacle is the true essence of an affordable and necessary luxury. The slimmest and most light-weight stair lift on the market, it folds to take just 11” of staircase width. Although exceptionally compact, Pinnacle boasts a 350lb (160 kg) capacity with a wide, comfortable seat that swivels at the top landing to aid in safely entering and exiting the lift. Safety sensors prevent the lift from running if the seat is not in the proper position or if something is blocking the stairway or track. Pinnacle’s patented helical worm gear drive system requires less energy to operate and can make up to 40 trips should the power go out. The unique drive system does not require any messy greases or lubricants! The folding rail option saves space and lessens trip hazards at bottom of the staircase.

Acorn Superglide 130

Acorn Superglide 130

The new & improved version of the original Acorn Stairlift. Acorn has made significant changes to the seat design, functionality, and ease of use. It is specifically built for straight staircases, or staircases that have a landing between two sets of stairs. The Acorn 130 is the perfect choice for anyone with a 2-story home with a straight staircase or a single story home with a basement. This stair lift comes with a on year warranty on labor and a 12 month warranty on parts.


Handicare 1000

The Sterling 1000 straight stairlift comes with the Smart Seat, optional powered features and the sleekest track in our range. It offers a safe, stylish and reliable way of overcoming the problem of getting up and down stairs. The Sterling 1000 straight stairlift is equipped with the Smart Seat which provides comfort and support and gives the option of upgrading with powered features. In addition to this the anodised aluminum rail offers a stylish solution with a hidden gear rack.