Portable Ramps

Rental and Sales

RampNOW rents and sells a variety of portable ramps. There are so many styles available that we can’t picture them all here. Call 630-892-7267 for more information. We do have some low cost “Special Purchase” ramps in stock for immediate delivery.

Portable ramps are a great solution for getting a wheelchair up 1-3 steps. We recommend that you not exceed a 2:12 slope on most applications. For public access buildings, check your state codes. Portable ramps are intended for rises under 21″.

Need to transport a power chair in a minivan? Portable ramps are the ideal solution for this situation. Portable ramps to load a wheelchair in the side door are usually the 6 or 8 foot variety. For the rear door or the tail gate of a pickup truck, 10′ portable ramps work very well.

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Safety Tips from RampNOW

  1. Always have a qualified assistant present when using a portable ramp.
  2. Never use a walker on a portable ramp
  3. Never exceed a slope greater than 2″ on 12″ with an occupied chair or scooter. Never exceed a slope greater than 3″ on a 12″ with an unoccupied chair or scooter.
  4. Always make sure that the top of the ramp is secured on step or landing before using.
  5. Always follow the manufacture recommendations for chair or scooter.
  6. Always use your lap belt.
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