How a Stairlift Works

How a stairlift works is essentially basic mechanics. However, the benefits of a stairlift can be life-changing! Mechanically speaking, it’s a chair that travels along a stairway so that the elderly and disabled can gain access to another floor and make the most of their living accommodations. Stairlifts in public places can also help with handicap accessibility.

There is a battery-powered motor in the base of the chair that utilizes a gear strong enough to send the chair either up or down the stairway, depending on what is needed. The chair follows a track that typically runs in conjunction with the stair rail.

There are several quality stairlift manufacturers, but they all tend to come with similar features.

How a Stairlift Works – Allowing the Elderly to Age in Place

Stairs can be a safety risk – especially as we get older. A two-story home may be reason enough for the elderly to downsize. But a stairlift can help them maintain that freedom and allow people to age in place.

Stairlifts can fit a straight or curved staircase, allowing a person access to multiple floors in complete comfort. All stairlifts come with a swivel seat that makes usage safer and easier. It allows users to swing away from the staircase as they enter or exit, making usage safer.

A stairlift isn’t just for those confined to a wheelchair. If someone who is aging is suffering from arthritis, or simply uses a walker, a stairlift may allow them to move up and down the stairs in a safer manner – and pain-free.


How a stairlift works is relatively simple, but it accomplishes so much. A stairlift is a great way for someone who is having trouble going up and down a staircase in their home to achieve peace of mind. It’s also an excellent way to make a business more handicap accessible.

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