RampNOW Bath Tub Lifts

Enjoy Safe Bathing Again!

Why spend thousands on a walk-in tub / bathroom remodel?

Reclining Bath Tub Lifts are an AMAZING ALTERNATIVE to spending lots of money on a walk-in bathtub lift.
They are DEPENDABLE, SAFE, PORTABLE, and EASY TO USE! We have done our research and have come up with some of the best bath tub lifts available that will accommodate your bath tub and your budget! Give us a call so that we can answer any questions that you have and find a solution that will work best for you.

Good: Peter Pan Reclining Bath Lift

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The Peter Pan Bath Lift is most loved entry level bath tub lift that is BIG on functionality and dependability and SMALL on budget!
This one of a kind bath lift is dependable, easy to use, and safe! The stainless steel frame is made from high grade steel, which provides the user and care provider with a confidence and safety! The removable back of the Peter Pan bathtub lift means that you can still use it without the back piece on which is a HUGE benefit to utilizing the massaging effect of your water jets in the tub. You never have to worry about the batteries or ever needing to be replaced like you do with conventional bath lifts. With ease of use, safety, and affordability as the crowning points, it makes selecting the Peter Pan an easy choice!

Better: Deltis Reclining Bath Lift

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Imported from Germany, the Deltis Bath Lift exudes quality. All Bathmaster Deltis bathtub lifts sold by RampNOW include an incredible 3 year warranty. Constructed of the finest materials, it is the finest bath lift in it’s price range. Why settle for less? The latest battery technology ensures high performance. The hand controller is small, lightweight and easy to use. It floats for an easy recovery if dropped and the lithium ion batteries provide improved performance and battery life. The Bathmaster Deltis bathtub lift chair has a compact frame that fits virtually any tub and is one of the lightest reclining bath lift chairs available. It includes large side flaps and an optional swivel seat that allows easy transfer in and out of the bath  The Deltis bath lift, with all of its features and design elements, is a worthy investment!

Best: Bellavita Bath Lift

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“Bella vita” meaning beautiful life is the perfect description for this bathtub lift that comes in at the top of the list! The Drive Bellavita bath lift is our most popular bathtub lift. The innovative Bellavita is the lightest bath lift on the market weighing only 20.5 pounds. This Bath Lifter by Drive Medical was designed with the assistance of healthcare professionals. It is excellent for standard or deeper model bath tubs. This product comes standard with four quick-release suction cups providing an anti-slip base for added safety and security. Weighing only 20 pounds and not requiring any assembly, this lift is “wonderful”. Every day we receive emails and phone calls from our Bellavita clients, telling us how much their lives have improved from the simple act of bathing. Hands down, the Bellavita wins!

Bath Tub Lifts – As seen on TV

As seen on TV, Reclining Bath tub lifts are great things. They help people get in and out of their own bath tubs. Soaking in the bath tub no longer has to be a distant memory, with our bath tub lifts you can make it a reality!  These cost much much less than a walk in tub. You will be surprised how affordable they are. We have done the hard work for you by separating our bath tub lifts into three, easy to understand, categories: Good, Better, and Best!